Parts & Tooling

Worldwide Finishing & Supply offers a wide array of replacement parts and tooling for your porcelain enamel or paint system at competitive prices. Our knowledgeable team has years of experience and can advise you in your purchase. From off-the-shelf stock to custom fabrication, you can be assured to get the right parts in a timely manner. Here are just a few of the products we offer.

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Parts & Tooling Blower Motor


Replacement Parts:

Furnace Internals Furnace Shoeplate Track
Controllers & Hi-Limits Thermocouples
Washer Risers & Nozzles Valves & Regulators
All Types of Gaskets All Types of Brushes
Spray Guns & Parts All Types of Gauges
Pumps & Parts Blowers & Parts
Fiber Blanket & Alloy Studs Insulating & Hard Brick
Conveyors & Parts Ball Mills & Grinding Media

Parts & Tooling Hanger



Drop Rods & Stubs Shoeplates
Upper Suspension Bar Lower Suspension Bars
Lower Drop Rods Coat Hangers
Clevises Triangle Collars
Oval Collars Alloy Wire Hooks


Parts & Tooling Collars